From the CloudsMagic Hosting Control Panel, you’ll have live access to the resources consumed by your sites as well as the site traffic that is generated by your visitors. The details are visualized in a simple graphical interface, on a daily, per–week and monthly basis. Furthermore, there is detailed information with regards to our servers including the actual IP address of the hosting server, the Operating System, the now employed versions of PHP and MySQL and more.

Server Information and Facts

Look into the server’s OS, IP address, etc.

From the Online Statistics Manager section of the Hosting Control Panel, you can get real–time details about the hosting server including the Operating System that’s used or the physical IP address of your web hosting account. Additionally, you will find beneficial specifics for your web design plans like the latest editions of PHP, MySQL and Perl, plus the setup Perl modules. Mailing server info such as sendmail path as well as the incoming and outgoing mailingl servers is also featured.

The whole set of web hosting server details are displayed in a comprehensible manner so that you can find the information you will need.

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Access & Error Records

Easily uncover any web site effectiveness issues

The Access and Error Stats document data about the hosting server, including details of hosting server access and the kinds of errors detected during web server performance. You’ll find both types of information about the efficiency of your web sites in the Online Statistics Manager part of your Hosting Control Panel.

The access log lists all of the text files, image files, video clip files, etc. that people have sought after to check out with your web site, while the error log reports pretty much all warnings and faults the web server has stumbled upon ever since the log file was created.

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Website Reports

Keep track of your website customers live

Checking the site data of your website is the ideal way to discover how your web marketing strategy runs. By way of the Hosting Control Panel integrated online stats tools – Webalizer and Awstats, you will see the volumes of viewers that flock to your site, in addition to the amount of hits they produce and web pages they load on a daily, weekly and monthly base.

To check the stats information, proceed to the Website Statistics section of the Hosting Control Panel and load the stats file for a particular domain. You don’t have to configure anything on your end. We switch on the statistics right after your website goes online and begins making visits.

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CPU Stats

Monitor your web sites’ CPU load

The server’s CPU is essential for the interaction between your website and its website visitors. The more complicated and resource–demanding your websites are, the more server resources and CPU time will be necessary. Through the CPU stats area, you are able to keep an eye on which particular website is utilizing the largest portion of CPU resources.

You must undertake steps to enhance your web sites in case the CPU use limit is exceeded. You will find detailed reports for each day and month or for a full year.

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